Doubledair.net is created by a Danish guy who goes under the alias of itsDair, which just so happens to be me! ๐Ÿ˜€

My real name is Thomas, I’m a gamer who have always wanted to entertain and try out some of that “content creation” which seems to be rather popular these days. Then it hit me: “Why not combine the two?” And suddenly, only about two years later, I created Doubledair.net! ๐Ÿ˜›

itsDair and gaming

So, I’ve been playing video games since the early/mid 90’ies, which is pretty much all my life. I mainly play RPGs and puzzles, but of course I’m capable of playing other genres ;P

Of games that I’ve played a lot of, it’s worth mentioning Diablo, Warcraft & MOBAs. Especially World of Warcraft have been close to my heart. I consider myself a veteran of the game and played it almost from release and 6ยฝ years forward with non-stop subscription. I’m probably what some might refer to as a “Blizzard fanboi”, which I don’t deny. I absolutely love the universes of Diablo and Warcraft (though I’ve never played Starcraft) and, after reading a bit from zhe interwebz, am probably one of the few people who actually enjoyed Diablo 3 at release :>

League of Legends began to dominate my gaming time after I quit WoW. I’ve managed to get gold in two seasons but now I watch way more LoL than I play, and when it comes to the LCS, I consider my quite the Fnatic ๐Ÿ˜‰

As you can see from my first couple of videos, I played a lot of Hearthstone at some point. That game phased out as I kinda gave up trying to catch up with expansions and adventure since I’m sort of a cheap-skate ๐Ÿ˜›

Enough past, let’s talk present!

Nowadays I usually play Heroes of the Storm. That game is simply amazing on just about every level: It’s fast, fun, I get to play characters from my favourite universes, the developers are pretty chatty and aren’t afraid of trying new things! When it comes to HotS, I pretty much agree with everything that Rock Paper Shotgun said in their review from last year, especially the phrase about taking a hard look at MOBAs and askingย “What if someone, like, actually fucking designed this?” In fact, HotS is so much fun that it totally ruined me playing LoL xD

Anyways, this is getting longer than I intended… I’ll just round up by saying that I do hope that because of this website, and it’s corresponding Youtube-channel, I will get to play some more awesome games!

Cya out there! :3


Games-stuff and that I’m awesome! ;D

Picture of me, itsDair, in real life.
“You can’t charge for awesomeness… Or attractiveness!” – Po, Kung Fu Panda
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