What I Think Might Be Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t actually got any questions about me or my site, but I thought it would be fun to write this anyway with what I imagine people could ask me about 😛

What’s your real name? Thomas and I won’t give you my last name 😉 Though people will most likely find out somehow and I’m not good at hiding it (read: I can’t be bothered) ^^

How old are you? I can’t be bothered to update this page every year (ugh work, am I right? 😉 ), so I’ll just post my year of birth: 1989.

Where are you from? Denmark – Woohoo! 😀

Yeah, about that – Is that the Danish flag plastered around everywhere? Yes.

– Why? Just beacuase (no, not a typo) :3

– …That didn’t answer much? Alrighty then, well I wanted something simple and unique which seemed easily recognisable and I had this DK-shirt from a vacation and figured it might be a good idea 😛

– But, isn’t that confusing? I mean, you speak and write in english? Yeah, I know… This has been brought up before, but I figured that it would be a fun and slightly confusing thing which would intrigue people further… Now, I’m not so sure… But we’ll see how it turns out, I might change it if I ever get an epiphany, but for now it’s fine xD

What do you do for a living? Right now I’m studying at a university. I actually have a degree in webdevelopment which have given me the skills need to make Doubledair.net 🙂

Why the name itsDair? Well, it started in WoW where I switched main to a rogue. I had a history of choosing my character name’s from songs and I was listening to Gorillaz’s “Dare” at the time. Unfortunately, the name Dare was already occupied on my server so I just changed to way it was spelled 😀 Later, it evolved into itsDair since the beginning of the song goes “It’s coming up (x6)… It’s dare!” 😛

What’s your favourite game? That has got to be World of Warcraft. It was just epic all the way through and the only game that has kept me occupied for 6+ years. The amount of epicness and awesomeness in that game and it’s surrounding lore is amazing, and when combined with the feelings of friendship and what-not, it makes a fantastic experience!

Why did you quit WoW then? Because of time. It is my firm belief that the game is in the best state ever, gameplay-wise, but I simply got bored with it 🙁

Is that a bird I can hear in the background? Most likely, yes 😛 It is my budgerigar Citron (Danish word for ‘Lemon’) who have been my trusty companion since 2006 and he usually sits right next to me when I’m gaming :3

– “Lemon”? Really? Yeah, It fits as he’s yellow and can be a little bit cranky sometimes xD

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