Yes, that title is indeed a reference to the my favourite movie, “Up” :3 However, it is also a reference to the fact that my girlfriend and I recently started up Diablo III again. She never got to play the expansion, Reaper of Soul, and we figured that it could be a fun activity for that weekend. Sure enough, it rocked! 😀

Dead in Diablo 3.
Whoops, forgot about potions… Diablo is hard :c

Playing the game again

So, my girlfriend finally bought RoS and we started a game together. She chose her Demon Hunter, which was level 60 from her vanilla playtime, and I chose my Monk. I never got to max level when I got the expansion, so this time around I “started” by being level 63 (which I got it to when I finished the story the first time, if my memory serves me right).

We had a blast playing through the expansion on the Expert level, even though my girlfriend complained a bit about being underpowered (because of the significant loot change :P) We fought through the hordes and hordes of demons and zombies and fallen angels, enjoyed the lore along the way (my girlfriend may not be as much of a lore-freak as me though) and finally took down Malthael for his horrible crimes against humanity! And after that, it was time to shut down for the night x)

Then, the moment that I knew would come was here… What an incredible drama, right? 😛 Though, it wasn’t actually dramatic, it was just the moment where the story was done and there would be nothing “new” to do. Other than playing the game on harder difficulties, of course, but I never really got into that :/

Legendary drop in Diablo 3.
Uuuh look, something shiny! :3

A winning formula

A couple of days later, I got the “Diablo-itch”. The urge to play again, because it is just so damn fun 😛 And then it hit me – Why not try out the “new” Adventure Mode (“new” as in the expansion had been out almost a year)?  I had heard good things about it, so it couldn’t hurt 🙂

Luckily, my girlfriend was game 😀 So, we loaded up the game and our very first Adventure. Neither of us really knew what to expect, except hoping for some extra fun. To that end, one could say that the game succeeded ^^

Molten monsters in tunnels for the first bounty.
The very first Bounty from our very first Adventure mode. Tunnels and molten monster, what could go wrong?

In fact, I would go as far as to say that I was blown away o: The Adventure Mode formula is pretty simple: Travel to different waypoints, kill bad guys, collect phat lewt, repeat. Sure, there is a lot of repetition, but since it is just so entertaining, it didn’t really matter 😛 To that end, I found it quite fun to re-visit “old” areas of the game and when combined with a variety of bounty-quests, the whole repetition-thing was only a minor flaw. It was just so much fun, especially when playing with someone else 😀 Though, that’s not something new to the Diablo-series 😛

Rifts – Just add monsters

Apart from doing the various bounties there is also what I would call the “bread-and-butter” of Adventure Mode, more specifically the Rift System. Using a keystone fragment, which can be acquired through the sweet bounties, you can open up a portal to another realm, where everything is mixed up. Every monster from every act is brought together in this crazy instance which can give some really interesting (and frustrating) combinations of special monsters, with multiple groups of these close together =)

I got level 70 when doing my first Rift!
First Rift and I dinged 70! 😀

On top of this, the difficulty is turned up a notch and we all know what that means… Better monster = Better loot! 😀 And at the end of every rift, when (almost) every monster has been killed, there’s even a neat boss holding shinies for you to take 😀 However, as it is with the actual bosses in the story mode, they’re not really much of a challenge 🙁 (with exception of Malthael, who can actually be pretty tough :P)

The last bosses of a Rift do have a sweet function, though. Killing one gives a Keystone of Trials, an event where players have to fight and kill as many waves of enemies that they can within a given time frame. After this event, the Keystone of Trials is replaced with a Greater Rift Keystone. These special, and last, tier of Keystones then scales in level, according to how you did in the trials. Very interesting and a really neat way of rewarding better players 🙂

Better Rifts, better everything

Using one of these Greater Rift Keystones opens – Yes, you’ve guessed it – A Greater Rift 😀 Difficulty in these scales according to the level of the Keystone, so these are the ultimate Rifts in the game. Where a normal Rift is “just” another world for killing monsters, there’s an added timer in a Greater Rift.

The timer makes the whole experience a lot more hectic and fun 😀 Suddenly, it actually matters how the bad guys are taken out, since you have to be as efficient as possible… And that means absolutely no fooling around! 😛

We didn't clear the first wave within the given time for our first Keystone of Trials.
Awaiting our first trials… We didn’t manage to kill the first wave in time xD

To aid the players in their quest to cleanse a Greater Rift, so-called Pylons are put into the instance at random. Once acquired, these adds tremendous amounts of power to the characters, such as an AoE lightning( which basically one shots all monsters it hits) and just adds to this incredibly fun element! 😀

Let me just drop an example of how much power they bring to the table: During our first Rift-run, my girlfriend and I encountered one of these AoE lightning-pylons. Because of its power, my girlfriend then proceeded to rush through the next couple of Rifts in search of one… And by rushing, I mean running and dashing through the instance without ever touching a monster. The consequence of this was that I would get overwhelmed by her having pulled most of the Rift in one go 🙁

However, once you get your better half under control, the Greater Rifts offer sweet, sweet loot – Of course xD Beside the always amazing drop rate from the monsters, there’s also a Rift Boss (who can drop a legendary gem), so there is a lot of opportunity to upgrade gear 🙂 And If that wasn’t enough, once a Greater Rift is complete, a nice spirit appears and offers to either upgrade a legendary gem or the keystone (but not both) for a chance at even better loot 😛

First Greater Rift, time wasn't an issue.
Looks like we’re fine on time in the Greater Rift, though 😛

Loot, loot and more loot

As you can probably tell by now, Diablo is doing what it does best: Fast paced gameplay, where the players kill monsters over and over again, just to get that next gear upgrade. And my god, if you didn’t notice it yet, I love the concept! 😀

However, it should be noted that at the moment, my “Diablo-itch” isn’t really there. It’s something that comes and goes with time, even though I have been praising the game for quite some paragraphs now 😉

I am sure, though, that I’m gonna play the game again in the near future, especially if my girlfriend is up for it again 😀 Maybe we’re even gonna try the Season Mode – It might be an amazing surprise, just like Adventure Mode 😉

One thing is for remains certain: I look very much forward to see what Blizzard have in store for this amazing game, whether it be another expansion or whatever they come up with. I know, that I’m so ready! 😀

A monster called Dataminer appeared :P
“Unearth spoils”… Never change, Blizzard xD

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