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I recently finished editing and uploading my Naxxramas Hearthstone-series, and boy, did that take a while! But, I’m totally gonna blame my education for that and not my own ineptitude and laziness! 😀 Though, to be honest, it’s probably mostly because of the latter x)

However, I want to share some of my thoughts about what experiences I’ve made and how I plan to change my future videos for the better 😀

Transition from game to outro.
I really love the editing side of content creation 😀

Comments and heavy editing

For these Naxxramas-videos I have tried two different styles: Mass comments and heavy editing. Looking back now I realise that I’m not particularly fond of any of them. One of the main reasons for this is the amount of time that it took to produce the videos. To produce a video, excluding the recording, I think took about 3-5 hours. Yes, for a video which was about 20 minutes long (!) I know that I’m nowhere near an experienced video editor, but that was simply too much work for, what I now think, an outcome which just didn’t work 😛

“How on earth can it take THAT much time?” I hear you ask. Well, let’s start with the comments. I had to watch the video and every time I made a mistake or missed a play or whatever, I made a comment. The comment had to be the right length, not too long, but not too short either and sometimes I had to split it into multiple comments if there was just too much text.

The idea for comments was simple: I would sit the mindset of a criticizing viewer, view the video and come with funny comments. It was originally inspired by TotalBiscuit’s old “Chronicles of the Gold Farmer” in which he would do something similar. Though, I don’t think that I did it well – It got a bit out of hand and I ended up commenting pretty much everything… Which wasn’t really funny at all 😛 I also believe that the comments took away too much focus from the actual gameplay ^_~

Video editing with heavy text comments.
Editing comments for a video. A total amount of 57 titles for the 20 minutes video… I might have gotten carried away :3

After realising this, I switched to heavy editing too see if that was any better. I think it was, but it still took way too much time. The process of this was to go through the video and cut out any second, yes, some discarded cuts were that short, where nothing happened (or at least nothing of importance to the matches happened). It made the videos a lot more fast-paced at the cost of being a little hard to follow at times.

Anyways, after all of this commenting and editing, the final step was (and still will be) to watch the video through and fix any misfits. So, there you have it: 3-5 hours for about 20 minutes. and then uploading the thing afterwards, is just not great, especially considering the fact that I want/hope to put out videos consistently xD

Editing my Naxxramas: Warrior Class Challenge-video.
This timeline shows the begging of the Warrior Class Challenge. Each line is separated clips, where something in between has been discarded 😛


Moving on to another point where I think change is a necessity: The intro. I wanted a memorable intro which editing fitted the pace of the music. This meant that the “natural” cut-off and fade would be placed at the 15-second-mark. I thought it could work, especially with the “skip intro”-button, but, I have known for quite some time now that it is simply too long of an intro. Besides, nobody cares about who’s starring in the video, and it’s not really relevant when it’s only me xD

The one thing that I really like about my intro, though, is the “rolling-logo”-transition from intro to video (and again to outro) 😀 It’s just quick, fun and doesn’t take too long to create, so I think it’ll stay :3

Scene from  "Huset på Christianhavn".
Intro music is the theme from the Danish television show “Huset på Christianshavn” (“The House on Christianshavn”) from the 1970’s. It was composed by Steen Holkenov.
(image from http://streaming.dk)


I think that I’ve hit a sweet spot with the outro I’ve created: It’s clean, simple and quick to attach important links to with the soothing Hearthstone-music, “Two Rogues, One Mark” 🙂 However, I did make a quite huge mistake, which was a convenience for you, the viewer, but quite the problem for me D:

You probably wouldn’t believe it, but the problem was the small “Next video”-text. I didn’t think of it at first, but now that I’ve realised what the problem is, I can’t believe that I missed it 😮 In order to show footage of the next video, to give a more saying button, I actually needed footage from the next video xD If I didn’t, I’m wouldn’t able to produce the video (duh) and I would have to wait until I recorded some more >.<

This, of course, is no good for consistency, if I happen to stumble on a period of time where I simply would not have the time to record new material :c Luckily, the fix was simply, and already in use in [Hearthstone] Naxxramas, the Class Challenges #4” – I just changed the word “Next” to “Previous” and linked the annotation accordingly 😛

Switched the outro by linking from "Next Video" to "Previous Video".
The fix for the outro was quite simple: Just link to the previous video xD

Length of videos

A feature where I don’t think I made a lot of mistakes is the length of the videos :> Having watched a lot of youtube-videos from TotalBiscuit and The Yogscast, producing videos with a mean of 20 minutes seem quite reasonable 😛

However, this doesn’t mean that I can’t change things for the better ^^ It may make sense to create longer videos, if it fits the content shown. An example of this is the ~1 hour long Hearthstone-video format that TotalBiscuit (yes, I’m looking to him a lot :3 ) is using which seems to work well =) I will try out something similar with my upcoming videos of Hearthstone’s “Blackrock Mountains”-Adventure. I’m thinking that each wing will get a single video, instead of two as it was the case with Naxxramas 😛

Screenshot from the Naxxramas Priest Class Challenge in Hearthstone.
My longest video so far is the Warrior/Priest Class Challenge… My god, did that Warrior one suck :C

Future of my videos

Let’s end this fine piece of blog-post by giving a summation of what is going to happen with my videos in the future 🙂

The style of editing will change a lot 😛 No more tons of un-funny comments and no more heavy editing. It takes too long and is just not worth it :< That being said, I do think a small comment could find it’s way into a video every once in awhile – I just need to find the absolute right moment and be sure it’s funny xP

The heavy editing will also stop unless I want to try my hands at compilation-videos, like those of SivHD, where a fast pace is everything 😀 But for my content at the moment, it doesn’t quite fit 😉

The intro is another thing that will see a huge change. It will still be there, but I’m reducing it’s screen time from 15 to 5 seconds 🙂 It should be noted, though,that the music will probably continue and fade out until 15 seconds as I really like the tune and it fits with my danish-identity xD Lastly, the “Skip Intro” button will remain for those of you who does not enjoy intros 😛

Outro changes are already in place and I will try some new length-formats out, as mentioned with the upcoming BRM-Adventure in Hearthstone 🙂

All in all, I’m loving every moment of this video-editing-thing and will continue to learn from my experiences 😀 In turn, this will hopefully be the way for awesome video content for everyone who’s willing to watch :3

Coming soon to Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain
The “Blackrock Mountain”-Adventure for Hearthstone is just a little ways down the road, and it’s gonna be legendary… Wait for it… Dary! ;D (image from http://eu.battle.net/hearthstone/)


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