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Since the “official launch” is very, very near (like tomorrow, hopefully), I feel like I need to make an update especially for this blog-section of my website. I figured it would be appropriate, since the last entry was me proclaiming myself a Fnatic and talking about Fnatic’s, at the time, very dominating League of Legends-team… That was posted on the last day of March, almost a year ago… Whoops >.<

A lot of things have happened since then, but the most important one was my realisation that writing a long blog post for every second week (which was my “goal”) was simply too daunting, especially with my study as main priority. Because of this, I have made two decisions: The videos are the most important feature of this project and the content of the blog will therefore be “redesigned”.

Launch picture for
Now that you mention it, lunch doesn’t seem like a bad idea c:

Importance of mah videoz

As I just stated, I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to focus more on the video making aspect of this project. This simply because I am immensely enjoying making them, both the recording and the editing aspects. Recording/editing is something I can see myself doing in the future and so I figured that the best way to learn and gain experience in this field is to output as much as possible! ^^

Do to this I have set up a schedule of three videos a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) – I just hope I can stick to it and be consistent this time 😛

This “newfound importance” have also caused a change on the website as “Latest Video” and the “Videos”-menu are now featured above “Blog”-counterparts 🙂

Screenshot of itsDair failing at Skyrim.
I’ve come to find it much more important to show my failings in various games ^_~

Redesign or?

Now for the “redesign” of the blog. I’m using quotation marks because I’m not quite sure if what I have in mind is an actual redesign or more of a re-structuring… Or reimagining, Maybe I should just have used that instead, but oh well, I’m sticking to it xD

I mentioned that having to create a new long blog post for about every second week was simply a daunting task 🙁 I had to come up with an idea of what to write, maybe do a little research and then write about it, proof read it, set it up properly on my website including finding some nice pictures, do some search engine optimisation and then finally release it. Combine this with making and uploading videos and having my study with whatever that entailed… The task was simply so big that I don’t think I ever got to do it properly :/

So, now I’ve made the decision that I won’t “burden” (lol, I make it sound like some horrible chore) myself with scheduled long blog posts. I still want to give myself the opportunity to create them, and I do have a couple of ideas of what to write about, but when they will be finished, I do not know – And I’m completely fine with that :3

New content

However, I’m not just tossing the blog-aspect of my website out of the window because I still like to write a little bit once in awhile 😛 What I want to do instead of the longer blog post is to fill it with smaller ones such as news, reviews and silly stuff.

Of course there are a lot of news sites out there, many of whom are probably (most likely) much, much better than me, but I’m not going to let that stop me! 😀 My idea, as of this moment, is to just post news about games and gaming that I find interesting, while of course provide the original source, and then twist it with my own completely biased and maybe not-so-well-thought-out opinion 😛 Also, since I have some relation to game development through my study and people around me, I figure that I can throw some things about that in once in awhile to keep things interesting ^^

The announcement of LEGION, the next World of Warcraft-expansion!
News, such as the announcement of the next WoW expansion, would be ideal content in the new reimagined blog-section 😀
(Screenshot from

Having decided on moving focus away from the longer, more personal blog posts about everything and nothing, I thought to myself: What else could I mix this this website-section besides smaller news posts? How about reviews? That sounds like a TOTALLY AWESOME AND AMAZING IDEA! :3 I figured that after a game series have ended, I could share my experience in writing and rate the content on a scale.

Now, I haven’t actually done anything in this style before, but I’m thinking of using a rating system similar to that which the old Nintendo Power-magazine around the 80/90’ies. It was really some arbitrary scale (but what review scale isn’t?) which rated the games by four or five different categories and then the overall rating would be the overall average. I really liked this and my immediate thought is for the categories to something like aesthetics, controls, sound and story – We’ll see if those makes sense once I get to do such a review blog post :p

Lastly, who doesn’t like silly stuff? I’m talking things that I find cute and/or humorous, things that make me smile – Now, doesn’t that just sound lovely? :3 Of course, I may just use the Facebook-page for such sillyness 😛

Anyways, that’s the plan I have for my website’s blog-section, effective immediately – Now I just hope that it can be enjoyable and that I actually get things done, this time around 😛

Over and out!

Pop! Figurine of Tyrael, Archangel of Justice.
This is a Pop! Figurine of Tyrael, Archangel of Justice, from Diablo. He is both silly and cute and a perfect example of what I’m talking about :3

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