My Silent Protest

A couple of months into the Mists of Pandaria-expansion for World of Warcraft, I stopped playing simply because of time. I had previously played on a non-stop subscription for 6½ years, which ended during cataclysm, so I didn’t really have the drive to play, nor did I have the time to commit to anything serious (raiding or pvp).

Another reason that turned my drive for the game “off”, was the fact that I was playing horde. I do not like the horde, exclusively for aesthetic reasons. The races and cities are, for the most part, rough, serious, spikey, brutish and down-right ugly. Especially anything involving the orcs, including Orgrimmar, is and always will be, a huge part of the Horde’s infrastructure. It looks bad 🙁

Orgrimmar is ugly!
See? Ogrimmar is just so spikey and rough and ugly :C
(image from

The alliance on the other hand, have a totally different look and feel to it, with cities and buildings looking way more refined and beautiful. And they also have Gnomes, so they basically win any argument by default :3

I was playing horde because my friends, who have always been more active than me, changed faction in Wrath of the Lich King. I would much rather play Horde, even though they’re ugly, and with my friends than the beautiful Alliance, but be playing alone (go figure :P).

However, in MoP both my friends and I were kinda burned out of the game. We agreed to re-subscribe and play together once more. This time we would be rolling Alliance once again, since some of them shared my feelings. Everything was all fine and dandy. Or so I thought *dun, dun dun*.

Stormwind is beautiful
Stormwind, on the other hand, is beautiful, peaceful and just pleasant to look at C:
(image from

Warlords of Draenor and epic fails

When Warlords of Draenor was announced, Blizzard also enabled players to boost a character to level 90 so that they could join right into the new WoD-action. The idea was pretty sweet, since it allowed me to roll the paladin class, which I have been really hyped about because of Hearthstone.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, some of my friends were very active and so they re-subscribed some months before WoD launch. They begun preparation for the expansion by trying to restart our guild, Snowstorm Entertainment (Frostwhisper-EU, if anyone is interested) and this is where the failing starts (not with the guild though).

One of my friends, the guy who re-subscribed first, used his boost-to-90 on a new character. On a horde character. When this happened, the others thought something along the lines of: “Oh, he made a character on Horde and boosted it, I guess we’re playing horde then”. So they all did the same, boosted newly created Horde characters to 90 and began to choose which class was to be their main when WoD launched.

The discovery (many dramatic D:)

Along comes little itsDair. I had been busy with my studies and only really played Hearthstone and other “small” games, so I didn’t really know what was going on in WoW. All I knew was that I was looking forward to playing once again, and especially as a defender of the Alliance.

I pre-ordered the expansion, re-subscribed to WoW and talked to my friends, all to find out that they, once again and despite our “agreement”, had rolled Horde. This does sound quite much like a rant (maybe it is :P), and to be fair, most didn’t really have a Alliance/Horde preference, but I was just kinda dissapointed 🙁

The only redeeming factor was that I wanted to play a paladin, and if I had to do that as part of the Alliance, I couldn’t have played my beloved Gnome race, but would have had to play either a human or dwarf. Well, that and the fact that I would once again have to play alone if I chose Alliance xD

Where’s the protest?

Then a thought hit me – Why not express my disgruntled attitude with things in-game instead of saying them out loud? Personally I found the idea pretty hilarious 😀

Starting off with the race of my paladin. As mentioned, I couldn’t be a gnome (:c) so I simply HAD to go with the other extreme, in terms of height: Tauren. Then the name was to be chosen and after much consideration, I ended up with the brilliant name: Knowm! 😀 (If you for some reason don’t get the joke/protest, “Knowm” is pronounced the same way as “Gnome” :P)

Getting Alliance-looking equipment.
If you help Maximillian of Northshire killing some “dragons” and he’ll provide you with a sweet Alliance shield 😀
(unfortunately not the on he’s holding himself)

Next was to get my newly-made Knowm to level 100 and look like I wasn’t a member of the Horde, but instead a member of the Alliance, while still being a big-ass Tauren, but how could I do that? Well, thank god for transmogrification! 😀 After some searching around over at, I discovered that the lightforge recolour was perfect for my purpose – It was blue and gold in colours (with a little green, but nevermind that) and the “set” even have a lion on the chest plate. Could I ask for a more perfect non-alliance set? :3

Final steps

Having gathered all the set pieces, and matching sets of weaponry, all that was left to do was to play the game, have fun and team up with my mates to let them find my protest themselves 😛

Well, that was the intention… It turned out that I was so very far behind my friends, because of real life stuff like studies :c, that I still haven’t actually played with any of them xD

However, all good will come to those who wait, and so I will. I will wait until all of them sees my silent protest and I will laugh as I watch it eat them up from their insid… Wait, what? Nevermind that last bit… In the meantime I’ll just put the lovely Pepe-birb on my character’s head, us my Orb of Deception to turned into a Gnome and write a subtle “FOR THE ALLIANCE!” in my guild-note :3

Tauren wearing Alliance-looking items.
I to you Present Knowm, Defender of the Alliance! 😀

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