It is now January 2017, and I don’t hear anyone asking “What’s you plan for this year?”, so I’m just going to go ahead and tell you all anyway 😀

Also, I realised that the last blog post I made was the official launch of my site/YouTube-stuff, which was almost a full year ago! At least I didn’t lie to anyone when I wrote “I still want to give myself the opportunity to create them, and I do have a couple of ideas of what to write about, but when they will be finished, I do not know” – Good job, past me! 🙂

Anyways, here’s a bit about 2016 and how I imagine (and hope) 2017 will be 😀

2016, no, 2017!
Ah, it’s that time of year again…

Status Update

Let’s start off with a status update on things (as of this writing):

  • 81 DairDevils (subscribers) on YouTube
  • 239 followers on Twitter
  • 52 likes on Facebook
  • 85 followers on Instagram

I quite like these numbers, and I want to give a HUGE “thank you!” to everyone who thinks that I’m worth following – Every millimetre of support is amazing! :3

2016 was the year that I finally decided to “take the plunge” and actually do something about my dream of becoming a gaming-related entertainer, and so far it’s been quite a journey. I’m not going to lie, back in August of 2016 (when I first started getting “serious” about my YouTube-channel) I thought that I would make progress in subs/views much, much faster. Because of the fact that this didn’t happen, 2016 was hard at from time to time, mentally. Luckily, making videos is so much fun that it made up for it 🙂

The reality of it was that I was total cr*p even back then, and it wasn’t until recently that I actually realised that (I’ll write about this in another blog, I think… sometime 😉 ). So, now I’m perfectly happy with where I am, and I’m striving to hit the 100 subcrib… I’m sorry, the 100th DairDevils mark as soon as possible! 😀


And I have a plan! …sort of 😛

Starting next week, I will be uploading more so-called “gateway videos”, which is basically videos where the viewer won’t need any preliminary knowledge going in. Unlike longer Let’s Plays, where seeing Episode 1337 of Super Awesome Mega Game most likely is really daunting for anyone but the most hardcore viewer – Whom I still love, btw c:

But what does these gateway videos entail? Well, basically what any of the big successful YouTube Let’s Players do: Small and funny/weird games, challenges, montages etc., and I’m quite excited to begin doing them, actually!Don’t worry, though, I’ll still be doing longer Let’s Plays, in fact, following OneShot, I have something HORROR-ble in store! 😀

Also, a project code named Dishonored 2 Funny Montage is (still) in the works! x)

(Also x2, live streaming is still on the table)

Megamind Code
I’m a master at coming up with project code names! (Megamind, source


2017 is going to be a GREAT year for gaming, just look at all of these awesome new AAA titles!

The only problem is… Well, pretty much none of them really does anything for me :/ It’s sort of like OverWatch or GTA V in that regard. GREAT games, that I simple do not have any interest in playing…

Luckily, lots and lots of other interesting games are in the works! :3 I want to write a more in depth blog post about them, but I’m really looking forward to (in no particular order):

2017 is gonna be GRRREAT after all! 😀

Tony the Tiger: "THEY'RE GRRREAT!"
Thank you for your contribution to this post, Tony the Tiger (Kellog’s, source:

Finally, let’s talk about 🙂

I still have an “urge” to blog about all the stuffz that comes to mind in the video game world, so blog posts WILL happen this year (I think), but this site will still be second to my YouTube-channel.

With that said, however, I do have and idea or two, which I think will make for great content, like game reviews whenever I finish a Let’s Play (I have the first one planned for next week, which will feature OneShot), more frequent updates on what’s going on with this project, and maybe a guest blogger from the gaming world – The last one would be AWESOME, I think (it’s really just an idea off the top of my head, right now) 😀

My OneShot-playlist, in case you are interested 😉

Oh, and I also want to make a new design for, but I’m totally out of inspiration to make something cool as of right now, so this kinda-bland-but-okay one will have to do. If I’ve learned anything by doing by creating this project, it’s that I should just be doing stuff and then make it better a long the way 😀

I think that was it for’s first new blog post in almost a year. Thank you for sticking with me through my ramblings, and let’s have a GREAT 2017! 😀


Over and out,


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